Foliforce Review

Does Foliforce really work? Are the ingredients effective? Do the ingredients have any side effects? Learn everything about Foliforce here!

foliforce review

What is Foliforce?

FoliForce is a dietary supplement that, in as little as four weeks, can restore the significant hair loss that many people experience. The most important advantage of using the FoliForce supplement is that it wakes up dormant hair follicles, which ultimately leads to robust hair growth. This vitamin also contributes to the thickening and fullness of the hair.

Its antioxidant characteristics lead it to speed up the production of collagen, which in turn increases the thickness and health of existing hair while simultaneously enhancing one’s self-esteem. This supplement strengthens your hair follicles and gives them a lustrous appearance at the same time.

In addition, the organic components of FoliForce maintain the health of the hair follicles and protect against hair loss. Regular use of this product may delay the onset of baldness and jumpstart the hair growth cycle, which will ultimately result in a more youthful appearance and increased vitality.

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How Does Foliforce Work?

FoliForce offers those experiencing hair loss a glimmer of hope. This potent vitamin aids in the treatment of the underlying cause of hair loss. As a result, the hair follicle is strengthened, promoting the rapid growth of thick, black, and extremely robust hair in a matter of weeks. After the first dose of FoliForce and the absorption of its vitamins and minerals by the body, hair growth is stimulated.

This dietary supplement encourages new hair growth, maintains the health of existing hair, and supports the regeneration of damaged hair follicles. FoliForce is the answer you’ve been looking for if you struggle with split ends and hair breakage.

Foliforce is designed to do three functions:

1) Revitalize inactive hair follicles: Foliforce aims to renew and regenerate dormant hair follicles while cleaning the scalp of hair-damaging elements and metals. People who are bald do not lack hair; rather, their hair follicles have become inactive. Foliforce desires to arouse them.

2) Restart the process of hair growth: Foliforce promises to then reinvigorate hair follicles and force them to produce new hair cells. During this phase, the scalp absorbs Foliforce’s nutrients, causing the hair follicles to awaken.

3) Rejuvenate and restart the hair growth cycle: As Foliforce reverses baldness and regrows nearly every hair on the head, hair continues to grow, hair follicles remain active, and users continue to enjoy antioxidant advantages.

Foliforce is a blend of herbs, plants, superfoods, and other natural nutrients that targets hair loss from the inside out. Foliforce may regenerate lost hair, heal bald spots, and restore hair growth even after years of baldness by rejuvenating and reawakening dormant hair follicles.

Foliforce Benefits

According to those who have tried this formula thus far, hair growth begins virtually instantly. They reported noticing major changes within weeks.

The shift from using FoliForce is attributable to its bamboo and horsetail components. These protect hair follicles from airborne and waterborne contaminants. Additionally, they cooperate to eliminate debris from hair follicles so that healthy new hair can form. The supplement offers the following advantages:

Contains Antioxidants

It takes time to complete the cleaning process. As a result, the development will not be immediately apparent to consumers. The strong antioxidant content of bamboo makes it great for cleansing the body of water-borne free radicals. It is also abundant in phenolic acids and flavonoids, which assist the body in eliminating the heavy metals it absorbs from shower water.

Increase Blood Flow

Since bamboo naturally includes silica, it may increase blood flow to the scalp, hence reducing irritation and accelerating hair growth by up to 140%. However, its benefits extend far beyond simply holding hair back. Various skin diseases, including wound healing, psoriasis, and eczema, may be treated with bamboo, according to studies.


Similar to why bamboo extract is used in this medicine, horsetail extract has also been added. Recent research has demonstrated that horsetail extract can efficiently eliminate toxins from the scalp by working on the hair follicle root, due to its strong antioxidant and chemical content. Reducing dandruff, enhancing collagen production, and promoting higher hair quality for existing hair all contribute to enhanced hair regeneration.

Boosting Collagen Production

This treatment both promotes the body’s collagen production and adds collagen to the hair. According to scientific research, collagen prevents tissue deterioration. This protein, which is essential for hair, skin, and nails, may be produced less naturally with age and other circumstances. Collagen assists the body in overcoming the inhibitions induced by toxic water, hence strengthening hair follicles.

When this occurs, the follicles resume producing new hair. Without this protein, hair and follicles cannot perform normally.

According to a Harvard University study, the presence of this protein significantly enhanced keratin growth, making it more elastic, brighter, and more prolific. Among the several hair proteins, keratin is the most significant.

Vitamin Blend

As an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces dryness and prevents new scalp infections. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

The formation of hair follicles is aided by vitamin B6, according to Dermatology and Therapy. It also aids in protein metabolism and complements the other drug effectively.

Hair Foliage

Due to their shown ability to stimulate hair growth and revive dormant follicles, acerola cherry and hyaluronic acid were simple additions to any hair care regimen. In addition, they safeguard the scalp and hair follicles from infections that could hinder growth.

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Foliforce Ingredients

Extracts of Horsetail and Bamboo:

The bamboo and horsetail extracts in Foliforce remove water borne toxins from the scalp. Robert and Dr. Purvis, the creators of Foliforce, claim to use a “very precise combination” of bamboo and horsetail extract. These substances are utilized for their antioxidant capabilities and are rich in polyphenols (antioxidants derived from plants), which cleanse the scalp and encourage hair growth. For instance, bamboo extract naturally contains approximately 70% silica, which is closely related to hair growth. Moreover, horsetail extract is rich in other naturally occurring antioxidants that promote collagen synthesis and hair renewal.


Foliforce contains collagen and also promotes collagen synthesis. Collagen is an example of a protein. It is the most common protein found in humans. The body needs collagen for muscles, connective tissues, hair, and skin. People may experience hair loss if their bodies do not produce enough collagen. Normal drop in collagen levels with age may increase the chance of hair loss. According to Dr. Purvis and Robert, the collagen in Foliforce will aid in hair regrowth by fortifying hair follicles against harmful water contaminants.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is one of nature’s most well-known antioxidants. Each serving of Foliforce contains a high quantity of vitamin C. According to Dr. Purvis and Robert, Foliforce’s vitamin C has potent antiviral and antioxidant properties that protect the scalp from infection and reduce dryness, dandruff, itching, and bacteria.

According to the official product website, vitamin B6 may encourage the growth of healthy, thick hair by optimizing micronutrient levels and protein metabolism to prevent hair thinning and loss.

Acerola Fruit:

The acerola cherry is widely known as one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C. It is a natural fruit with significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. According to Dr. Purvis and Robert, the acerola cherry in Foliforce will regenerate hair follicles and “establish a healthy hair growth cycle for life.”

Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer found in a range of topical skin creams and treatments. Although uncommon in oral supplements, Foliforce’s hyaluronic acid is supposed to form a natural shield around the scalp and hair roots, while simultaneously promoting hair cell growth from within.

Other Elements: Foliforce contains a total of 12 components, although only 7 are disclosed by the manufacturer. The remaining five components encourage hair growth in various ways, including by mending bald spots and regenerating hair follicles.

Foliforce Pros

  • Professionally confirmed ingredients in the supplement help restore hair strength and regrow lost hair.
  • The nutritional supplement is risk-free because it does not contain any stimulants or toxins.
  • Users can achieve fuller, darker hair without using invasive techniques such as hair coloring or wigs.
  • Prevents and treats existing scalp infections
  • Enhances stamina and energy levels and encourages all-day activity.
  • Due to their improved self-esteem, users are more receptive to socializing with others who are also sporting new hairstyles.
  • Users have reported noticeably thicker hair, bushier beards, and brighter skin.

Foliforce Cons

  • FoliForce is only accessible via its official website to protect investors from fraud.

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Foliforce Dosage Directions

The manufacturer suggests combining two measuring spoons of FoliForce powder with one glass of water. It increases follicular growth and may be used without risk into standard therapy.

FoliForce safeguards the scalp and hair roots against additional hair loss and skin infections in individuals with excessive hair loss, balding, or hair thinning. This product’s excessive use has the potential to cause severe health issues. Therefore, adhere to the dosing instructions on the main page.

Foliforce Pricing

foliforce pricing

Per bottle, Foliforce costs $69 USD. However, the price drops when purchasing three or six bottles. Foliforce is exclusively available at the following pricing on

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply) costs $69 plus shipping. 
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply): $177 + free US shipping ($59/bottle) 
  • 6 bottles (180-day supply): $294 Plus free US shipping ($49/bottle). 

Each bottle of Foliforce has a one-month supply of the formula. To treat baldness and hair loss, two scoops of the formula are to be taken twice daily. Each container contains seven ounces (two hundred grams) of powdered formula.

According to its official website, Foliforce repairs hair and corrects baldness permanently. Foliforce does not need to be taken continuously. Instead, the business recommends taking three to six bottles of Foliforce over the next three to six months for optimal benefits. claims that after consuming three to six bottles, customers would enjoy thick, healthy hair for the rest of their lives, with no balding.

 In addition, the firm specifies that six bottles are a “doctor-recommended” option, meaning that at least one physician has recommended using six bottles of Foliforce to treat baldness.

Foliforce Refund Policy

The product is guaranteed for sixty days. Customers can receive a full refund by mail or phone if they are displeased with the results of utilizing FoliForce, even if they believe it did not function properly. Customers may rest assured that they will receive a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the supplement.


FoliForce may provide relief to clients who have suffered from hair loss. According to clinical trials and scientific investigations, certain parts of the therapy have good results. They are advantageous and encourage a healthy scalp and new development. 

The only explanation for the delay is the typical development process; users should see a difference by the end of the month.

The creators of FoliForce assert that their product promotes the growth of new cells on the scalp by keeping it wet. The result is healthier hair and improved circulation. This is among the most effective hair growth serums available. 

We therefore offer this product as a potential treatment for hair loss. FoliForce is a dietary supplement that aids in feeding your body with the required nutrients for healthy, strong hair by using natural ingredients.

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