Unlock Your Glutes Review


Unlock Your Glutes is a popular digital program created to help individuals strengthen their glutes and improve their overall body shape. The program promises to target all areas of your glutes using a unique “GM3 Method” that has been designed for both men and women, regardless of their fitness level.

In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at what Unlock Your Glutes has to offer, how it works, and its effectiveness.

What is Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes is a 4-week glutes training program designed by certified conditioning expert Brian Klepacki. The program consists of 36 exercises that take 10-15 minutes to complete, and it requires individuals to perform these exercises twice a day to improve the strength of their glutes.

The GM3 Method is based on the idea that Hip Thrust is the best exercise to develop a rounder and stronger butt. However, Brian Klepacki developed the GM3 Method to take the benefits of Hip Thrust to the next level and help individuals achieve their desired butt shape.

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Who is Brian Klepacki?

Brian Klepacki is a certified conditioning expert and personal trainer who trains athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models in his training facility in Clearwater, Florida. Brian has extensive experience in the fitness industry and has been helping individuals achieve their fitness goals for many years.

The Claims of Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your Glutes promises several benefits, including:

  1. Releasing tight muscles that are preventing your glutes from growing
  2. Improving your strength to lift heavy objects off the ground
  3. Boosting circulation in the lower body
  4. Developing a strong mind-body connection
  5. Releasing undue pressure from your back and knees
  6. Improving your energy levels

In addition to these benefits, Brian Klepacki mentions that weak glutes are associated with back, hips, knees, and legs pain, poor posture, and reduced athletic performance. Unlock Your Glutes aims to address these issues by strengthening your glutes and improving your overall body shape.

The GM3 Method

The GM3 Method is a unique exercise system that Brian Klepacki has developed to help individuals strengthen their glutes. The method consists of 36 exercises that target the glutes from different angles, and it promises to help individuals achieve a stronger and rounder butt in just 4 weeks.

According to Brian Klepacki, the GM3 Method is not only effective in strengthening your glutes but also helps release tight muscles that are preventing your glutes from growing. The exercises in the GM3 Method are not difficult and can be performed by individuals regardless of their fitness level.

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The Unlock Your Glutes Program

The Unlock Your Glutes program is a digital program that individuals can access after purchasing it. The program includes 36 exercises that are designed to be performed twice a day to achieve the desired results. The program also includes detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly, and it promises to deliver results in just 4 weeks.

In addition to the exercises, the program also includes a comprehensive guide on nutrition and diet, which is essential for achieving your desired body shape.

Our Experience with Unlock Your Glutes

We purchased the Unlock Your Glutes program and tried it for ourselves to see if it lived up to its promises. Our experience with the program was positive, and we noticed a significant improvement in our glutes strength and overall body shape in just 4 weeks.

The exercises in the GM3 Method were not difficult, and the instructions provided were

clear and easy to follow. The GM3 Method is designed to be simple and accessible for anyone to use, regardless of their fitness level or previous experience. The exercises focus on improving overall mobility, flexibility, and strength, which are all important for a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to the physical benefits, the GM3 Method also offers several mental and emotional benefits. Regular exercise has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being. The GM3 Method combines these physical and mental benefits to create a holistic approach to fitness that not only improves the body but also the mind.

Overall, the GM3 Method is a great option for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and overall health. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to add some variety to your existing routine, the GM3 Method provides a simple, effective, and accessible approach to fitness.

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Unlock Your Glutes Package & Deal

Unlock Your Glutes Main Manual

This manual is divided into thirteen chapters, providing comprehensive information about the glutes, their importance, and the best exercises to strengthen them. The manual includes:

  • Explanation of the role of glutes in the lower and upper body
  • Importance of developing three key muscles for an attractive booty
  • Simple technique to prepare your glutes before any workout
  • Tips to reduce the risk of back pain through glute strengthening
  • Explanation of health benefits of strong glutes
  • Exercises to reshape your booty, incorporating with cardio and resistance training
  • Workout charts and exercise pictures for correct form and avoiding injuries

Unlock Your Glutes Coaching Videos

The program also includes training videos of all 36 exercises, shot in high definition in Brian Klepacki’s training facility. The videos come in both Bodyweight Edition and GYM Edition, allowing you to perform exercises anywhere and with or without equipment. The videos are online and immediately accessible, which can be downloaded to your computer or transferred to mobile devices for easy access.


The regular price of Unlock Your Glutes was $50, but Brian Klepacki is offering a limited-time discount of 66%, reducing the program to $17. This is a one-time payment with no hidden charges.

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Unlock Your Glutes Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Strong Leg Workout

Brian Klepacki has included a powerful leg workout program in Unlock Your Glutes to complement the glutes-strengthening exercises and prevent overtraining. This leg workout can be done as a standalone program or in conjunction with the glutes exercises. It is available in Bodyweight Edition and GYM Edition, so you can perform the exercises anywhere.

Bonus #2 – 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

Brian Klepacki has also included a 14-day diet plan in Unlock Your Glutes to help improve your metabolism and boost the growth of your glutes. This bonus guide includes a list of ingredients that can be obtained in one grocery trip to make it easy to follow. Diet is just as important as exercise, and this guide will help you achieve the results you desire by eating healthy foods.

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Unlock Your Glutes Review: Final Thoughts

Is it Right for You?

Consider Your Current Fitness Level

  • If you’re already using Beachbody or have a fitness trainer membership, Unlock Your Glutes may not bring much new to the table.
  • However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle and experience back or hip pain, Unlock Your Glutes could be a valuable addition to your fitness routine.

Benefits of the GM3 Method

  • Unlock Your Glutes offers a GM3 method to target all muscles in your glutes for firmer, rounder, and stronger muscles.
  • These exercises can also help improve posture by balancing upper and lower body muscles.
  • Note that results may take some time to show.

Pricing & Guarantee

  • The program is priced at $17 for lifetime access with a one-time payment.
  • It is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • This makes trying the program low-risk and worth considering.


  • With its affordable pricing and money-back guarantee, there’s no harm in trying Unlock Your Glutes.
  • Remember to use common sense while performing the exercises.
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