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The influx of educated people into the job market has made it increasingly competitive and difficult to find traditional employment. As a result, many people are turning to online platforms as a way to make a living. One of the latest trends in the online job market is the voice over service, where people offer their voice as a service to companies in need of voice actors.

Voice over services can be used for a wide range of purposes, including narrating books, reading movie scripts, and doing advertisements. As more and more companies realize the importance of video and audio content, the demand for voice over services is growing. In addition, with more people spending time on their computers and phones, there is a growing trend of people wanting to listen to content instead of reading it. This has made the voice over industry a booming sector for those looking to make money online.

To access voice over tasks and start making money with your voice, there are guides available that can help. One popular guide is called VO Genesis, which teaches new and easy ways to make money using your voice. With VO Genesis, you can learn how to turn your voice into a profitable business, regardless of whether you have a hoarse or soprano voice. By following the recommended steps, you can make significant money with the voice over industry.

Overview of the VO Genesis Review

  • Product Type: Voice Over Artist Training
  • Jenny Lewis is the founder
  • Price: $39,95 + Upsells
  • Official Website – Click Here

A brief summary: Vo Genesis is said to be a step-by-step money-generating strategy that teaches you how to turn your voice abilities into a full-time or part-time internet income.

What is VO Genesis?

VO Genesis is a guide that teaches people how to make money with their voice. The guide is written in an easy-to-understand language and is aimed at people who want to work from home or in a flexible field.

The voice over industry is growing in popularity as more companies use audio and video in their marketing. VO Genesis shows people how to get started in the voice over field, where to find jobs, and how to succeed. It also provides advanced tips for getting bigger and better-paying jobs. All you need to get started in voice over is a unique voice and the ability to read a script.

Who created VO Genesis?

VO Genesis is a guide written by Jenny Lewis that teaches people how to make money with their voice in the voice over industry. The guide covers everything from setting up a home studio to finding better-paying gigs and negotiating income.

The voice over field offers endless possibilities, as every person has a unique voice and producers are always looking for different voices. It doesn’t matter whether you have a deep or soft voice, VO Genesis will show you where your voice is best suited and give you tips on how to negotiate your income based on the quality of your voice and your experience.

What Does the VO Genesis Program Package Include?


This digital guide is useful for both novices who wish to enter the voiceover industry and seasoned professionals who wish to increase their income by signing up for additional voice over platforms.

After purchasing this guide, you will receive the main manual that describes how to get started and the various types of voiceovers. In this guide, you will learn the skills you must possess to make money in this business.

The author describes what she did and how she established her home-based voiceover business. The provided training will assist you in becoming an expert so that you can read complex scripts that require tone variation.

For those who have doubts about this course, the author provides a few examples of those who have made money in this field. With this programme, you too can become one of them.

In the main guide, you will discover all of the available voiceover types. Once you’ve identified your voice and identified a market gap, Lewis will advise you on how to get started. VO Genesis will assist you in analysing your skills and selecting an appropriate voice over for you.

In addition to the main VO Genesis guide, Jenny Lewis provides two supplementary items. The bonus items consist of:

How To Triple Your Voice over Fees Even If You Hate Negotiating

This bonus guide will teach you how to negotiate with clients to increase their payment for voice over services. Jenny provides you with tried-and-true strategies and examples of texts she has utilised in the past to negotiate higher pay and rates. You too can use the same method to increase your profits.

How To Get More Voiceover Gigs than You Can Handle

This book explains how to sign up for multiple platforms and compile outstanding portfolios that will attract an overwhelming number of clients. Voiceovers is a very diverse field, and once you learn how to treat your clients and find the right job for you, you will be able to specialise in it and attract many clients.

Who is this Program Intended For?

VO Genesis is intended for all English readers and speakers. The tasks involve reading scripts provided by clients. Therefore, neither advanced technical skills nor a substantial amount of money are required. It is a straightforward business that anyone with a distinctive voice can launch.

  • This is a suitable job for stay-at-home mothers to perform when their children are playing outside or asleep.
  • Students seeking part-time employment to supplement their spending money.
  • VO Genesis can also benefit retirees seeking part-time employment.
  • People who want to supplement their salary with supplemental income.

How much does VO Genesis cost?

The full price of this course is $97, as stated on the website. However, you will receive a $57 discount right away, making it only $39.95.

Upsells are included with products like VO Genesis.

  • Multiple Streams of Income – $47
  • Quick Cash Machines – $47
  • Voiceover Insider’s Guide – $37

Money-back guarantee for 60 days

The product VO Genesis is available on the ClickBank marketplace. If you are dissatisfied with the programme, ClickBank offers you the opportunity to request a refund. You’ve got 60 days to make up your mind.

Bottom Line

Voice-over jobs are real and require effort on your part. You must know and perfect your voice. However, you’ll need to put in a significant amount of effort and learn the tricks and tips; this is where VO Genesis comes in.

VO artists make a lot of money in this industry, and you can do the same with the right skills and guidance from VO Genesis. As with any other freelance position, the amount of money you earn depends on the number of clients you have and the quality of your work. This guide is the ideal instructor for teaching you how to navigate this competitive industry.

We can recommend VO Genesis to anyone who wishes to work from home or who desires a flexible schedule.